Will McKay
Agritech & Foodtech Chair
PhD Aquaculture Student
University of Auckland

Surfing, fishing and diving are where I find my relaxation and are my favourite activities when hanging out with my friends and family. As a keen waterman, I have been drawn to a career based in and around the ocean by my desire to protect this environment and the organisms living within it.

Aquaculture has the potential to future proof sustainable global food security but faces complex biological, social, economic and environmental challenges. For me this is an exciting opportunity requiring comprehensive scientific knowledge and innovation for its success, and has lead me to undertake a PhD. My research, in partnership with an early stage company, is working toward the commercialisation of a novel aquaculture species - giant kokopu, better known as whitebait.

Outside university walls, as the Science and Innovation Manager for one of NZ’s largest oyster companies, I am developing methods and plant for the on-growing of hatchery produced triploid oysters and the New Zealand geoduck in commercial scale production.