Return On Science is proud to announce that the Return On Science Momentum Investment Committee is no longer Return On Science.

Momentum is now a national programme in its own right and seeking to form new Momentum Investment Committees across New Zealand.


New Investment Committee Members

2018 has resulted in a few changes to the Return On Science Investment Committees.

To be able to provide the best support for such a wide range of projects, we are constantly seeking new talent to join our Committees.


Some of the new additions include:

Vignesh Kumar - has a background in global technology design, and most recently worked for Apple Inc.

Vignesh has joined our ICT Investment Committee.

Biotech In Dunedin

This July the Biotech & Life Sciences Investment Committee undertook one of our bi-annual trips to Dunedin and were hosted by the University of Otago's, Otago Innovation Ltd.

The Investment Committee had a fantastic day supporting a wide range of projects that the researchers had put forward.

The level of projects coming through Otago Innovation Ltd, as lead by CEO, Dave Christensen and his team was very impressive and the Committee look forward to returning to Dunedin later in the year.


Maria-Jose Alvarez, member of both the Momentum and Agritech & Foodtech Committees has been working with University of Auckland Doctoral student Amir Haji Rassouliha, out of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute on his MicroVision project. The team entered the Velocity 100k Challenge and won the Runner Up prize!

Return On Science in the Unleash Space

Return On Science is now spending friday afternoons in the brand new Unleash Space!

The Unleash Space is available for University of Auckland students and staff to 'unleash' their entrepreneurial side. It is courtesy of the University of Auckland's Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

Return On Science will be there to promote commercial activities and entrepreneurship in the student members and to help guide them through the initial stages of building their enterprise!

So come on down to this awesome space and chat with us!

Momentum at BizDojo

We had three student projects presented to the Committee

QuakeTEC - a nanosatellite earthquake precursor detection system, able to detect earthquakes up to 5 days prior. This has the potential to save lives and mitigate large social costs.

Suture Future - a device aimed to improve the speed of suturing, through angling and rotating the needle in a blend of manual and automatic processes. The time saved in time-critical surgeries translates to significant surgical outcomes for the patient and overall healthcare cost effectiveness

Velocity 100K Challenge Winners

Congratulations to RisosEnterprises the Velocity 100K Challenge overall winners of 2021!

Overall Winner: RisosEnterprises
Overall Runner-up: PrintGig
New Ventures: Delta Waterways
Social: Fistbump
Academic: SuperCarbon

We highly commend the other winners of the evening. Each of the teams who participated in the competition worked very hard and achieved much throughout the venture.