Ratu Mataira
Ratu Mataira
PhD Candidate Victoria University of Wellington

Physics(Hons) & Economics Graduate, Business Owner, Superconductivity Researcher.
Currently my main focus is on Superconducting Flux Pumps and their critical role in the hybrid electric plane technology ecosystem. Above and beyond that, I try to invest my time in the people around me, including business/project mentorship, co-entrepreneurship, and consulting.
I have experience working in academic, corporate and entrepreneurial environments, all of which I have enjoyed and found the space to solve problems and create value.
I am currently looking for more opportunities to drive change, solve problems, and build human capacity. If you have a problem, I would love to help you articulate it into opportunity.

Please peruse my profile; I'm not making this up as I go along... its all according to plan.



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