Nour Ghamri
Nour Ghamri
PhD Candidate
Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

Nour is a Ph.D. candidate at the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC) and a committee member of both the Return On Science Biotech and Life Sciences Investment Committee and Momentum Investment Committee.

She is interested in innovative research and incorporating novel findings into the “real world”. Her Ph.D. project focuses on the co-development of predictive biomarkers and novel anti-tumor drugs. Predictive biomarkers are genetic markers that can be used to predict patient outcome to a specific drug. Her work, will contribute into making personalised medicine commonplace in the health sector. Her project is multi-disciplinary, involving a wide set of technical expertise including genome editing by CRISPR-Cas9, large data analysis and molecular biology.

Nour is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and start-ups. She’s passionate about making a great idea come to life and is always looking for the next opportunity. Recently, Nour has gained interest in commercialization and  business development models and continuously strives to develop her skill set in these areas.

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