Mark Bregman
Mark Bregman
General Partner Quidnet Ventures

I have been an integral part of leading Silicon Valley companies, initiatives and culture for the last 30 years, with deep involvement at the highest levels of technology research. I played groundbreaking roles in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, UNIX® systems development, and have been privileged to hold executive management positions in some of the industry’s most acclaimed public companies and innovative startups.

These include 16 years at IBM® and IBM Japan, culminating with mission-critical roles as GM of both the RS/6000™ workstation group and the Pervasive Computing division.

I have been CTO at some of the most admired companies in technology – most recently at NetApp®, where I was in charge of the company’s portfolio strategy and innovation agenda in support of the Data Fabric, NetApp’s vision for the future of data management.

I am the founding Partner of Quidnet Ventures. With a laser focus on New Zealand tech startups, Quidnet will be positioned as activating the latent opportunities that exist in the New Zealand startup ecosystem. New Zealand’s exceptional local talent combined with a host of innovative startups, strong political leadership and breakthrough technology development make it an ideal startup environment and Quidnet aims to be the catalyst to jumpstart this ecosystem.

I also lead Quidnet Innovations, which helps companies innovate like a startup leveraging outside-in thinking, strategic reframing, and rapid cycle iterative development.

In my spare time, I am an avid cyclist, sailor and wine grower at New Zealand’s Amisfield Vineyards.