Lovina McMurchy
Lovina McMurchy
Venture Capital, Governance, SaaS/Ecommerce

Currently focused on investing and governance. Tech executive with 20 years of experience spanning both b2c and b2b businesses. My sweet spot is in scaling businesses from <$50m to $500m- $1b in situations where new direction is needed to turn around a business or accelerate growth. My functional experience crosses product management, sales, marketing and operations and allows me to not only identify new strategies but operationalize them across an organization.

Alexa Shopping - strengthened the P&L by shifting focus away from low ROI acquisition tactics towards higher lifetime value through personalization features. Built and executed a product roadmap using customers past shopping behavior to drive increased awareness and product engagement.

Amazon Subscriptions - built foundational technologies to enable both 1st and 3rd parties to launch and merchandise subscriptions on Amazon. Turned around the legacy magazine/newspaper subscription business and launched a new 3rd party subscription marketplace.

Skype - as VoIP grew Skype's legacy business model of selling calling credits moved into decline. I led the product transition towards a business model underpinned by ad funding and merchant funding.

Microsoft Advertising - in the face of declining MSN/Messenger revenues, led a team building and launching new ad offerings in Skype, Xbox and Hotmail. First incubated in Latin America and then scaled globally across all Microsoft sales regions.

Starbucks - drove the launch of Starbucks in-store wifi service, the first national network in America. Incubated and launched the first "order by phone" service (now accounting for 20% of Starbucks orders).

Specialties: general management, growth strategy, product management, marketing management, business development, ecommerce, subscriptions, monetization, people leadership, software development, agile methodologies. 

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