Aaron Judson
Aaron Judson
General Manager Marketing and Partnerships at Scion

I’m passionate about our opportunity to create beneficial change delivering real sustainable solutions today, what is needed is courage and leadership.
He waka eke noa | We are all in this together

At Scion, I am responsible for developing enduring partnerships with Industry, Iwi, Government, Trusts, NGOs and other science organisations.
We build these relationships not measured simply as a return to the economy but how we will create value to society, culture and the environment.
We created Te Ōhanga, which is a Circular BioEconomy cluster, bringing together a diverse group of partners to work collaboratively on ideas to develop tangible sustainable solutions. We then tell these stories with our partners.

In 2019 we held the first Ōhanga Āmiomio Pacific Summit with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Ministry for Environment plus international industry partners. This was EMF’s first summit outside of Europe and we plan to repeat in 2020.

I currently Chair Scion’s Commercialisation Committee, Chair Scion’s PSAF Investment Committee and am Scion’s representative on the Kiwinet Investment Committee. I sit on Scion’s Sustainability Committee influencing change we can make internally and impact we can make with our partners.

Outside of Scion I am a Director at several companies including BioPolymer Network (sustainable materials), QuickSense (edtech) and I’m co-owner of Astrolab (a tech focused incubator in Auckland in partnership with NZ Govt and investment partners).

I’ve worked in the ICT industry with national and regional management roles at Toshiba and Ericsson.
For 20 years I've worked in start-ups across the ecosystem in NZ, US and Asia, including GeoVector Corporation.

I’ve also been involved with public research working for five years as the Innovation Manager at the University of Auckland, where I also sat on the Return on Science ICT Investment Committee.

I remain active in the startup community focused on sustainable impact. 


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