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Return On Science offers a flexible, project-based programme designed to give researchers, IP owners, and startups the very best chance at commercial success in the global market.


What Return On Science Offers

Return On Science is a national research commercialisation programme that delivers new research to market from universities, research institutions, and private companies.


The Return On Science program offers a flexible, project-based, stage gated method designed to give the very best, Independent and unbiased, advice and guidance to commercialisable projects at any stage. At the heart of the programme are the specialist Investment Committees. These committees provide independent expert advice that explores all aspects of the technology and market opportunity and provides qualified recommendations and tailored advice to the IP owner to enable them to make the best decisions for the commercialisation of the technology.


Return On Science also provides efficient access to capital to accelerate projects to an investor ready stage. Return On Sciences Investment Committees can approve use of devolved PreSeed Accelerator Funding, and recommend to MBIE use of non-devolved PreSeed Accelerator Funding. Return On Science actively engages investors and investor groups to provide access to follow on funding for later stage projects.

Lower the engagement barriers

Return On Science provides a platform for easy engagement with, and understanding of, the commercialisation process.


The flexible, project-based method allows projects at the earliest stages to receive advice on whether research is worth pursuing commercially, decreasing risk for tech transfer bodies and allowing researchers to publish earlier.

Investment Committees

The four Return On Science Investment Committees represent centuries of combined domain specific knowledge and experience from around the globe. Made up of academic and industry experts alongside commercial and investment experts, the committees can provide tailored recommendations on market viability, research and product development direction, and connections to relevant individuals and companies.


In addition to valuable advice, the Investment Committees can provide access to capital needed to progress a project. Either through approving investment from the devolved PreSeed Accelerator Fund, through recommendations to MBIE for approval of non-devolved PreSeed Accelerator Fund spending, or through connections to investors and investor groups Return On Science is engaged with.


The Return On Science Investment Committees are available at any stage to review progress and provide additional advice and guidance to help direct the team to the earliest development of a minimal viable product, and connections to the best international people able to provide market analysis and later, market validation.

Commercialisation Managers

Together with our Partner Organisations, Return On Science provides access to experienced Commercialisation Managers who utilise Lean Canvas, and Lean Start-up methodologies to ensure that project resources are directed at the right activities to achieve the best outcomes as quickly as possible.


Commercialisation Managers will work individually with the project through:

  • IP protection
  • Prototype planning
  • Market validation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Project management

Local, accessible resources

Return On Science has established a trusted network of connections between academic, industry and commercialisation organisations allowing local resources, as well as international connections and expertise as required, to be easily accessed by researchers and commercialisation managers.


See Partner Organisations to see the resources and connections available through Return On Science.