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Wireless Power Transfer

For over 20 years researchers at the Power Electronics Group at The University of Auckland have pioneered the invention and development of high efficiency, high power wireless power transfer.

Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) uses magnetic fields to transfer power from transmitter (track) to receiver (pickup) instead of cables or brushes.

An IPT system is inherently safer than a conventional wired system. The elimination of cable connections between track and pickup mean that broken exposed wires are a thing of the past. The high frequency used (10kHz to 40kHz) cannot cause electrocution in the unlikely event of contact with an exposed live wire or terminal.

Auckland Wireless Power was the first to be successfully commercialised and applied in a wide variety of fields. Applications 

cover power ranges of a few watts to over 100 kilowatts. These include:

  • Industrial applications including Slip rings and industrial connectors for sensors, and control systems
  • Consumer Electronics applications includingwireless power IC’s andwirelessly rechargeable batteries
  • Factory automation andmaterials handling – especially clean room applications. Over 75% of the world’s clean  factory automation machinery uses Auckland technology,
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fairground rides and rail applications for peoplemoving
  • Lighting and trafficmanagement systems
  • Security cameras
  • Medical devices


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