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About the Momentum Programme

Momentum is a national programme which operates along side Return On Science, and is a member of the Commercialisation Partner Network.

Momentum is formed of student-led Investment Committees with a focus on start -up ventures, particularly those originating from student intellectual property. The Momentum Investment Committees are regionally based and support projects from multiple tertiary institutes, and the private sector.

The Investment Committees are formed of an independent Chair, tertiary students, and some longitudinally experienced investors, and entrepreneurs. Each Momentum Investment Committee has a majority of student members. Investment Committee members are highly diverse from their backgrounds, to their chosen academic field, to the perspectives that they bring to the project teams. This allows the committees to provide advice and support to a wide range of start up technologies.

Momentum Investment Committees provide presenting teams with advice, support and investment. Teams comprised of students and staff of either tertiary education institutes or Crown Research Institutes are able to access these investment committees without charge. Private companies are also able to utilise the expertise of the Momentum Investment Committees for a nominal fee.

Projects and ventures may be brought to a Momentum Investment Committee at any point throughout their development process, from idea to company. We also encourage teams to return to the Investment Committees more than once to better benefit from the Momentum Process.

Our Committees

The Momentum Programme currently has two Momentum Investment Committees, we hope to increase this number in the future.

Auckland based Momentum Investment Committee

This was the first Momentum Investment Committee created. June 2018 marked the first anniversary of the committee, over that time they have held 11 meetings and supported over 30 projects. Project teams have originated from the University of Auckland, AUT, University of Waikato and University of Otago, and it is still growing.

Wellington based Momentum Investment Committee

This Investment Committee is possible through the support of our partners KiwiNet, and VicLink. We are currently in the process of recruiting student members for this committee.

Seeking Student Members!

We are seeking innovative, motivated, and entrepreneurial students to join our world-class Momentum Investment Committees. The Investment Committees are made up of serial entrepreneurs, distinguished academics, corporate executives, technology strategists, and successful investors, who make investment decisions and provide expert advice and guidance to IP owners’ project teams.

To be eligible to apply you must be enrolled in a tertiary institute located from Wellington to Palmerston North, and be entrepreneurially minded.

What’s involved

  • The students will be full voting members of the investment committee, sitting alongside some of the most knowledgeable and connected people in the science and commercialisation environment. You will form part of the consensus on all funding decisions and recommendations.
  • You will have the opportunity to contribute your insight, experience and technical and commercial knowledge, and networks from an enrolled student's perspective to in depth discussions around the scientific and commercial merits of projects from across the publicly funded research landscape.


  • Investment Committee meetings typically run monthly from 10am to 3pm, with lunch provided.  Background reading, meeting time, and follow-up are approximately one full day per month.
  • The Wellington based Momentum Investment Committee will be held bimonthly and will move around the Wellington region for each meeting.

Applications Due: 31 st July

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to

Working on your Entrepreneurial Venture?

We are constantly seeking new ventures to present to the Momentum Investment Committees and gain advice and support during their development.

Momentum Investment Committees are available to staff and students of universities and CRIs, and the private sector.

If you would like more information or would like to bring your venture to Momentum, please contact us!