Auckland Momentum

Auckland based Momentum Investment Committee

The Auckland based Momentum Investment Committee is focused on fast moving student and staff ventures that may not have a deep technical base. This committee includes technical and commercial expertise across all sectors, and provides easy to access advice and fast funding.

Our Auckland Momentum Investment Committee Members

Daniel Xu - Chair
CEO Spark 64

Charlotte Vandermeer
Chemistry PhD Student
University of Auckland

Charle Megala
Undergraduate Finance & Law Student

Greg Sitters

Managing Partner

Matū Fund

Will McKay
PhD Aquaculture Student
University of Auckland

Andrew Chen
Computer Systems Engineering PhD Student
University of Auckland


Vanisha Patel
Undergraduate Law & Psychology Student
University of Auckland


Brian Russel
Entrepreneur & Investor
Engineering PhD Student


Nour Ghamri
Cancer Research PhD Student
University of Auckland


Will Charles
Director Commercialisation

Matthew Canham
Software Engineering Student
CEO Velocity
University of Auckland

Jessica Chiang
Post Graduate Biotechnology Student
CEO Chiasma Auckland
University of Auckland


Bradley Hosking
Undergraduate Commerce & Science Student
University of Auckland

Odette Lees
Masters BioScience Enterprise Student
University of Auckland

Andy Shenk
CEO UniServices

Veronica Harwood-Stevenson
CEO Humblebee