Agritech & Foodtech

Currently Invested Projects

Torroidal vortex pollination application
A precision application tool allowing accurate and narrowly confined application of spray droplets and fine particles to targets, such as pollen to flowers or targeted use of pesticides or biologicalsin the agriculture and horticulture industries.  Its use has the potential to minimise overspray by up to 90%.             

Contact: Stephen Flint,

Microfluidics Sperm Sorting

Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) are being increasingly utilised worldwide. Based on the motility behaviour of normal sperm, our novel microfluidic sperm motility sorting technology provides an automated system by which motile and non-motile sperm are separated, thereby enabling the collection of sperm with the greatest potential for IVF treatment success.

Contact: Rachel McLeay, +64 21 481 124, +64 9 923 8446