Agritech & Foodtech

The Agritech & Foodtech Investment Committee represents expert advice and guidance to research and technology project teams seeking to commercialise agriculture and food and beverage technologies.

Our Agritech & Foodtech Committee Members

Ross Hyland – Chair

Strategic Agribusiness

Research Advisor

Renee Flesch

Managing Partner

The Food Group

Ian Boddy

Principal Investigator

IKB Consulting

Evelyn Body

Director of Commercialisation


Greg Sitters

Managing Partner

Matū Fund

Will Charles

Executive Director of Commercialisation


Colin Harvey

Harvey Investment Fund

Andy Shenk



Maria Jose Alvarez

Masters BioScience Enterprise Student

University of Auckland

Hon Pete Hodgson

Chair Callaghan Innovation

Bradley Hosking
Undergraduate Commerce & Science Student
University of Auckland

David Hudson

CEO SGA Solutions

Will McKay
PhD Aquaculture Student
University of Auckland

Duncan Mackintosh

Investment Manager

Brandon Capital Partners