Tim Balmer

Product Portfolio Executive, Anagenix

  • Agritech and Agbio

Tim Balmer is currently the Product Portfolio Executive at Anagenix, leading business development and new product development to build a strong portfolio of NZ-sourced natural products for the global market.

Prior to joining Anagenix, Tim held the role of Director Investments & Commercialisation at Callaghan Innovation, where he managed its PreSeed Accelerator Fund (PSAF) allocation and the commercialisation of its technologies/IP portfolio. Prior to this, Tim spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical (Animal Health) industry in various positions and locations around the world, with 7 years in R&D, 7 years in corporate business development roles and latterly 7 years in general management positions, in the UK, NZ, China and Canada. During his time in R&D he led multidisciplinary teams to develop a wide range of pharmaceutical and biological products to launch in global markets.

Tim is a veterinarian by training (Cambridge, 1986), and spent 2½ years in general practice in the UK before joining industry.