Who is it for?

Researchers and Academics

Researchers and academics can present and discuss their research with an independent committee specialised in their area. These are external members to their institution who will discuss with the researcher the merits of their project without institutional considerations. 

The result is much needed, unbiased and unclouded recommendations on the commercial viability, directions and steps needed for the researcher’s project.

Tech Transfer Offices and Commercialisation Managers

Tech Transfer Offices and Commercialisation Managers can utilise Return On Science in multiple different ways. 

Bringing projects to the Investment Committee at the earliest stages to receive advice on the technology and potential market, and recommendations on whether the project is worth pursuing commercially will decrease the risk involved in progressing projects while positively increasing principle investigator and Tech Transfer Office dialouge.

Commercialisation Managers with projects at any stage will benefit from the advice, direction and connections the Committee can give, in addition to PreSeed Accelerator funding approvals and follow on investment connections.

Private Enterprise

Private industry in New Zealand has huge potential for new research output, however often doesn’t have access to external and domain specific advice. With this in mind, Return On Science makes makes its services available to private enterprise as well as researchers


By nature, startups generally have a very strong technical focus, but their chances of success are lifted when equal attention is paid to commercialisation activities early on. Return On Science offers its services to assist in navigating the commercial pathway.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

Return On Science provides investors with early visibility of a deep pipeline of technologies being developed in research organisations throughout New Zealand. Access to the Investment Committee meetings enables investors to gain an understanding of the technology and it’s potential applications.

For entrepreneurs attendance means the opportunity to find and be involved with interesting technologies, and network with potential investors that have a strong interest in early stage technologies.