What is Return On Science?

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Return On Science is a national research commercialisation programme that leads the establishment of best practice to deliver new research to market from universities, research institutions, and private companies.  Our services include connecting science, technology and project teams with strategic management,  top-tier advice and guidance, world leading best practice process, and efficient access to capital.

Return On Science is a foundation partner in the government’s Commercialisation Partner Network, a programme designed to increase commercial outcomes from publicly-funded research. Return On Science provides facilitated access to best in class commercialisation resources, networks and expertise to directly increase the quantum and quality of the commercial opportunities arising from New Zealand research effort. 

At the heart of Return On Science are five specialist investment committees. These committees provide independent expert advice that explores all aspects of the technology and market opportunity and provides qualified recommendations and tailored advice to the IP owner to enable them to make the best decisions for the commercialisation of the technology. 

Return On Science also provides efficient access to capital to accelerate projects to an investor ready stage. Return On Sciences Investment Committees can approve use of devolved PreSeed Accelerator Funding, and recommend to MBIE use of non-devolved PreSeed Accelerator Funding. Return On Science actively engages investors and investor groups to provide access to follow on funding for later stage projects.