Investment Committees

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The five Return On Science Investment Committees represent centuries of combined domain specific knowledge and experience from around the globe. Made up of academic and industry experts alongside commercial and investment experts, the committees can provide tailored recommendations on market viability, research and product development direction, and connections to relevant individuals and companies.

In addition to valuable advice, the Investment Committees can provide access to capital needed to progress a project. Either through approving investment from the devolved PreSeed Accelerator Fund, through recommendations to MBIE for approval of non-devolved PreSeed Accelerator Fund spending, or through connections to investors and investor groups Return On Science is engaged with.

Projects at any stage along the development pathway can utilise Return On Science Investment Committees to review progress and provide additional advice and guidance. The investment committees can help direct a project team to the earliest development of a minimal viable product, and connections to the best international people able to provide market analysis and later, market validation.

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